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Lake Okeechobee fishing report for March, 2017 submitted by Capt. Angie Douthit

A great morning fishing trip. Shiner fishing for bass.

Lake Okeechobee is fishing very healthy, with each coming full/new moon phase brings in another wave of both bass and crappie wanting to spawn in the shallows.  There are crappie anglers still out in open water, drifting/slow trolling for the crappie that are still schooling up and waiting to move in to spawn.  Those Anglers are having the best luck fishing with live small/medium size minnows.  They are a lot of people out on the big O fishing this year so please use caution and courtesy while out on the water and at the launching ramps because we all want to have a positive, fun and productive day fishing the big O.

The weather pattern has been pretty much all over the board bringing a mixed-bag ranging from low/mid 80 temps for a high and cooler early morning temps dipping down to the low 40’s, wind, sun, clouds and everything in-between.  This type of weather pattern can cause the bite to come in spurts but all-in-all the bite has remained pretty good.  Some crappie anglers are still fishing offshore in areas such as the Kissimmee River; the Pass; Monkey box area and parts of the Shoal.  Most anglers are in the shallows though catching them off the beds with small jigs and live minnows if you can find some larger open areas in the grass.

Bass fishing anglers have been fishing pretty much all over mainly concentrating on the North shore area; Observation Island area ranging from the 1st pole to Cochran’s pass area; Pelican bay (belle glade are); parts of the East wall and Uncle Joe’s area.  The water on the east side hasn’t been the best but there are areas of pockets of clearer water to fish. Color patterns for soft plastics for bass can be watermelon-red, redbug, junebug, black/blue and green-pumpkin/gold flake.  White/Chartreuse skirt gold double-willow leaf spinner bait, top water lures worked slow will produce such as a devils horse and Zara spook, the flipping/pitching bite has been producing using creature-style lures such as crawdads, tubes and hoo-daddy’s (gene Larew).  The swim bait and swim jib bite has been working too.

To book your fun-filled, productive day crappie or bass fishing on beautiful Lake Okeechobee call Capt. Angie at 863-228-7263 or email to angie@southfloridabassfishing.com or log onto www.southfloridabassfishing.com to gather all the info you’ll need to book your trip, view the latest customer catch pics and other pertinent information.    Angie’s Sponsors are: Power-Pole; G-Loomis rods; Lews; Gene Larew; Bullet weights; Real Magic; Navionics; Rapala and Gill.