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Lake Okeechobee fishing report for April, 2017 submitted by Capt. Angie Douthit

The month of April typically marks the end of the crappie bite fishing out on the lake but for you hard-core “speck” anglers try jigging with small minnows or small tub-like plastic lures tipped with a jig head early in the morning around the Kissimmee river bridge pilings and/or slow-trolling along the river’s edge can produce bites.  Down South, you have the main lake cuts that drop-off into some deep holes around the South Bay/Belle Glade areas.

For the bass anglers, late-spawn bass are still being caught but please use extreme caution,  a  lot of boat trails we all used not long ago are now not usable and boat friendly so please use extreme caution!!  Much of the current bass fishing is for post-spawn which can mean a wide array of artificial lures can be used ranging from hard top-water lures such as a devils horse to the flipping/pitching technique.  Now can be a good time to sharpen those fishing skills by learning the latest/newest techniques such as walk’n the dog (topwater), skimming the bottom with a slow-rolling spinner bait or working a worm slowly across the bottom as you feel every bump along the way.  Most successful days recently have been using a variety of lures such as top water, spinner baits, senkos/worms, c-rig used in certain areas of the lake and flipping/pitching creature-style lures early in the morning and late-afternoon to sunset timeframe.

Bream fishing has started on certain areas of the lake and provides some quick/fun action and is especially popular among Children and can easily go home with a cooler full in a short amount of fishing time provided that you find the right spawning areas.   Some areas to try for bass/bream can be the Harney Pond area and Horse Island areas and some parts of Observation Shoal.  Down South try around both Rita and Kreamer and both East/West wall areas.  On the North end try around the Kissimmee River, Hendry Creek and parts of Kings Bar.   Plastic lure colors for bass can be June bug; Watermelon/Red; Pumpkin/Pepper; Watermelon Seed; Red-Shad and Black/Blue.

This 9 l/b bass caught on our guided trip was submitted to the FWC Trophy Catch Program.

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